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Rappers put as much emphasis on their fashion choices as they do on their lyrics. When they step onstage to perform or show up in a new music video, the first thing fans notice is their clothes, shoes and jewelry. While some artists go the typical route in white T-shirts, hard denim and bold gold chains, there's a select few that standout for mixing designer wares with street-centric looks or rocking a polished fit in a suit and tie. Both Pharrell Williams and A$AP Rocky are setting the bar for fashion in urban culture today.

The Neptunes producer embraced skateboard life and introduced the world to his Billionaire Boys Club line, showcasing streetwear with attitude when he first stepped on the scene in the early 2000s. But keeping it cool and casual on red carpets isn't all he's about. Camouflage suits and luxury furs are also part of his daily style.

As for the leader of the A$AP Mob, he's brought his avant-garde looks to a rap audience that wouldn't dare pair streetwear with high fashion threads before. These days, Rocky has the world zoning in on his Harlem-rooted style. Over-sized T-shirts with construction boots or leather shirts paired with ripped jeans are just some of the gear he pulls off on the regular.

McDonald’s continues their Urban Bytes series with TheDrop.fm in the visual above by highlighting the two fashion-forward entertainers' current influence on urban culture.

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