Macklemore & Ryan Lewis nabbed the Top Rap Song honor at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards for their ubiquitous single, 'Thrift Shop' featuring Wanz. The Seattle duo beat out Flo Rida, Psy and Kanye West to win the coveted award.

'Thrift Shop' spent 14 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has spawned numerous parody videos. The infectious song even made one Colorado woman so crazy that she choked her husband over it.

Nevertheless, the rapper deserves the honor for his hard work with touring and promoting their debut album, 'The Heist.' Macklemore and Lewis were beyond thrilled to win the prestigious Billboard trophy.

"First and foremost, I gotta thank Goodwill, I gotta thank Value Village," Macklemore said in his acceptance speech. "I gotta thank the fans -- Sharkface Gang -- the people that supported us from the jump before there was radio, before there was a buzz, before there was any media, there was fans and that is how we build our fan base. Without you guys we would not be on this stage. We love you and appreciate you."

Lewis added, "I want to thank Wanz who sang the hook, our manager and our entire crew in Seattle. First and foremost, all the fans, all of our families who have been supporting us forever. Thank you so much!"

Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 'Thrift Shop' Video

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