EDM producer DJ Chuckie enlists his famous buddies from the rap world to pull off the biggest money caper in his new video for 'Makin' Papers.'

In the Larenz Tate-directed clip, Chuckie, Lupe Fiasco, Snow tha Product and Too $hort are a group of thieves who stage a major bank heist in the middle of the day.

The caper starts when Chuckie (aka "the Boss") and Fiasco (aka "the Mastermind") transpose a bank guard's retinal imprint onto a contact lens. Then Snow (aka "The Decoy") goes to the bank and flirts with the front desk guard while Fiasco slips inside undetected. Meanwhile, $hort (aka "the Insider") is the security guard who turns off the surveillance cameras during the heist. How convenient.

The plan does go awry and the bandits are involved in a high-speed car chase with the police.

So with the authorities hot on their tail, do the foursome escape with the money? Watch and find out.

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