After Trick Daddy confronted Lil Wayne at Miami's King of Diamonds earlier this month, many feared that their feud would go down a very dangerous road. Not so, said Birdman.

In an interview with Sway Calloway on MTV's RapFix, the No. 1 Stunna said the beef between the "Mayor of 305" and his surrogate son, Weezy, has been squashed.

"To be honest with you, I saw Trick Monday in [Miami strip club King of Diamonds] and we had a talk and it was all love," he said.

Wow! Who knew that you can form a peace treaty between two parties at a strip club?

As you may already know, the feud started back in February when Wayne made some disparaging remarks about the Miami Heat basketball team, which Trick didn't like at all. When the 'Shut Up' rapper eventually confronted Tunechi at the King of Diamonds strip club, a "scuffle" reportedly occurred.

In Wayne's defense, he did apologize to the people of Miami, insisting that he was directing his venom at the Miami Heat organization.

Birdman insists there is no bad blood since Cash Money Records have been working with M-I-A rappers for years.

"We got a lot of friends out here," Birdman states. "These are people that we met day one, from day one when we hit the town. A lot of Haitian friends, Ross, [DJ Khaled], E Class, Flo Rida, all these boys -- even Trick. These people we been knowing since we hit the town, so when a lot of it erupts I wanted to holla. I saw him Monday and we talked. That's dead meat."

Well then, season it up and throw it on the grill, Birdman.

All jokes aside, we are glad this feud is over between Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne. Will we hear a collaborative song soon? We don't know, nann.

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