It's a Weezy F. Christmas miracle! Lil Wayne teamed up with media mogul Karen Civil and boxer Andre Berto to bring the holiday season to the Haiti.

Weezy donated shirts, shorts and hats from his Trukfit clothing line to 500 students enrolled at a school in Haiti. Meanwhile, Berto, who is Haitian-American, took on the role of Santa Claus for the kids. According to TMZ, the Young Money leader also gave some toys as well, while children's book publisher, Scholastic, gave 500 books for the cause. Civil, who is a proud Haitian-American, organized the entire charitable endeavor.

In addition, Berto also visited 100 kids and adults who were getting the chance to hear for the first time. "To see the joy and excitement on these kids faces smh... It was a truly humbling experience all I can say is WOW," read the caption on an Instagram photo.

And what better thing to hear first than some hip-hop? The song choice -- Dr. Dre's "Nothing But a G Thang" with Snoop Dogg -- also proved to be a hit as well as three men -- one with his new hearing aide -- are seen dancing to the tune while motioning their hands like rappers in the touching visual.

"Could U imagine being able to hear for the very first time after 28 years of living, and catching that vibe. @bforseth had that @snoopdogg and @drdre pumpin and the rest was history!," read a caption of Berto's Instagram video.

Berto also made sure to share a photo of himself against a beautiful backdrop of the ocean and mountains in Haiti. Check it all out below.

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