As we previously reported, Kelly Rowland has reunited with her Destiny's Child sisters -- Beyonce and Michelle Williams -- on 'You Changed,' off her upcoming album, 'Talk a Good Game,' out on June 18.

Making its radio debut last night (May 27), Rowland takes the traditional R&B route on this smooth track. The singer talks about moving on after a recent breakup. "Since you've left, I ain't cried since / And boy, I like it that way /I can say I'm done in a million ways / Let's not beat around the bus / Let's cut to the chase," she sings confidently on the new song.

'You Changed' is great just to hear the three ladies harmonize so fluidly again.

“I did a collaboration with Beyonce and Michelle. It’s a song produced by Harmony Samuels, written by Courtney Harrell,” she said in an interview. “It just feels so good and it’s so soulful and the girls’ voices sound incredible on it.”

Listen to Kelly Rowland's 'You Changed' Feat. Beyonce & Michelle Williams

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