Kelly Rowland got real personal on her confessional song 'Dirty Laundry.' On the remix, the Destiny's Child member meets her match with R. Kelly, who has a lot to say about his harshest critics and competitors.

K.Row for the most part talks about the initial reactions to her original song. "I haven't eaten for days / I haven't slept in weeks / Now you hear this record / You wanna speak," she sings.

Then Kells takes over and aims his vitriol at other singers who copy his style.

"See the truth of the matter is everybody can’t do this / And that’s why I got these s----talking R&B singers on my hit list," he croons. "They bite my style so much I swear I should write a book / And when I look at TV I say, 'Goddamn, that’s my look.'"

We apologize for the annoying DJ on this radio rip. Hopefully, a clean edit will be released so you can fully enjoy the impact of the song.

Kelly Rowland's 'Talk a Good Game' will arrive in stores on the biggest release date of the summer -- June 18.

Listen to Kelly Rowland's 'Dirty Laundry (Remix)' Feat. R. Kelly

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