To the relief of fans everywhere, Destiny's Child will never really break up, even if they swear against reuniting, they always find a way to do so on wax.

DC fans will be happy to hear that the three powerhouse vocalists will be joining up once again on a track for Kelly Rowland's upcoming 'Talk a Good Game,' due out on June 4.

The 'Kisses Down Low' singer talked to about the details behind the song that will feature her "sisters" Beyonce and Michelle -- the song that she previously stated does not signify a reunion.

“It’s a great record and our voices sound so great on this record, I am so excited for people to hear it,” she said excitedly.

The song, entitled 'You Changed,' was written by Courtney Harrell and produced by Harmony Samuels, both notable names in the R&B genre having worked with everyone from Ne-Yo to Chris Brown.

“It is about a relationship that has gone awry and not in the best place,” she explained. “The way the record is written is genius. I tip my hat to Courtney Harrell. The way she is witty and sarcastic, lyrically, just made me so excited to sing it.”

“I remember being in a situation like that,” she recalled. “You have to tell somebody, ‘I can say I’m done with you in so many ways but I’m gonna have to say I’m sick of this mess it’s over.’”

Rowland's star line up on 'Talk A Good Game' doesn't stop at Michelle and Beyonce. The chanteuse has invited Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne to make guest appearances and who knows who else will jump on a track or two, as the album actually isn't completed as of today.

She'd better get a move on. June 4 is in less than two months.

Watch Kelly Rowland's 'Kisses Down Low' Video


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