Rising R&B star Kat Dahlia hits the streets of her Miami hometown to shoot the video for her debut single, 'Gangsta.'

In the behind-the-scenes video, we see the 22-year-old singer puffing on a blunt in a dimly-lit bedroom. Later in the day, she's performing her ballad on the Miami streets, then on the railroad tracks and in alleyways behind graffiti-sprayed buildings. In the final set piece, Dahlia cozies up to her male co-star in an aqua-colored vintage Thunderbird car.

Dahlia, who is an artist on Sylvia Rhone’s Vested in Culture/Epic Records, was looking muy bonita in several daring outfits. The Cuban singer rocked a comic-strip-designed mock neck shirt with green-and-black booty shorts. She also wore a very stylish Versace-inspired getup as well. And her huge gold "door-knocker" earrings are ghetto fabolous.

It was only right that Dahlia filmed her video in the M-I-A. It's the city that inspired her to become a singer. "It was really important for me to shoot this video in Miami because this is my hometown," she said. "I think that the richness and the culture, the colors, the story, it just felt right -- and the weather’s good in February."

Kat Dahila's video will make its world premiere March 5.