After releasing 'Gangsta,' Kat Dahlia returns with 'Fireman,' a scorching new track produced by Cinematic.

The 22-year-old songstress belts out strong, reggae-tinged vocals centered on a man whose grabbed her attention. "Oh how he seduces with his flame / And his eyes are looking mighty naughty / I know we both know he's got it / Baby I don't even know his name," she sings.

Dahlia gives details on the new track, discussing how she had to fight for the song to be released. "It's just something really, really different," the Miami native tells Interview. "Especially from what else is out there right now. The label had told me to hold off, you know, wait until I had an album [out] to release it. I was always really adamant about this record."

She's referring to Epic Records, through which she is signed to via Sylvia Rhone's Vested In Culture imprint. "We were going back and forth, but, finally, it's coming out," she explains. "It's definitely a good follow-up to 'Gangsta' and that whole sound."

Currently, she's working on her debut LP, which is almost complete. Producer Salaam Remi has crafted beats for the effort. Perhaps an Eminem or Lauryn Hill collaboration will appear on the record -- two artists she would like to work with.

Listen to Kat Dahlia's 'Fireman'