Kanye West allegedly attacked a photographer at LAX Friday afternoon (July 19). TMZ posted the video of Yeezy scuffling with the photog outside of the airport terminal.

In the clip, West and his bodyguard were exiting out of the airport and a swarm of paparazzi surrounded him taking pictures. One shutterbug was extremely inquisitive and kept asking Yeezy why he doesn't want the paparazzi talking to him.

If you recall, West specifically stated to a paparazzo that he doesn't want them asking him questions anymore...forever.

Apparently, this shutterbug wanted to push the issue.

West asked the cameraman to stop asking him questions and when he wouldn't stop, the rapper-producer went ballistic and, out of camera view, tussled with him.

Paramedics and police were called to the scene but information on the photographer's injuries weren't disclosed.

West left the scene but you can bet that a lawsuit is enviable when the photog recovers. Furthermore, the video will serve as evidence.

West is having a bad PR week. Along with this unfortunate incident, audio surfaced on the Internet of him ranting about Taylor Swift and Pink after the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Holy 'Yeezus'!

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