Kanye West went bonkers on the paparazzi today (May 10) after he banged his head on a metal parking sign outside of a Los Angeles eatery.

It all started when West and his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian were taking a casual stroll through Beverly Hills. Then all of the sudden shutterbugs swarmed around them like bees to honey. Unfortunately, in an effort to shield his face from the paps, Yeezy walked headfirst into the sign. Dong!

The rapper, holding his noggin in pain, appeared dazed but his boo Kimmy was there to supply first aid -- a small tender kiss on his forehead. Aww.

KimYe did their best to ignore the nagging paps as they walked inside the eatery. But West couldn't take it anymore.

Minutes after clocking his head on the sign, Yeezy confronted one camera guy telling him to "Stop taking pictures," among other expletives.

The pap told West that he just arrived on the scene and didn't mean no harm. It looked like the guy was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. The 'Throne' rapper eventually walked away without physically laying hands on him.

We are glad that Kanye West wasn't seriously hurt. Now about your temper...

Watch Kanye West Walk into a Sign