When will the paparazzi ever learn that Kanye West simply doesn't like them. The new father has been elusive since the birth of his daughter North West, but today (July 12), Yeezy was videotaped tussling with a shutterbug again.

The rapper-producer was heading inside LAX when a cameraman tried to engage him in a conversation. Buzz! Not a good move, buddy.

West put his hand in front of the guy's camera and started verbally berating him and demanded that he never talks, ever.

"Don't talk... don't talk to me... I don't wan't to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know," he said. "And tell everybody never talk to anyone that I know... don't talk to themselves... don't ever talk again!"

Well, that would be virtually impossible for the paparazzi to do but we digress. During the exchange, the cameraman kept telling West how much he loved his music.

Then, after West specifically told the paparazzo not to talk to him, the guy continues to be a chatterbox. When the guy asked him about 'Watch the Throne 2,' that's when Yeezy quickly turns around and the conversation ends.

We understand that the paparazzi has a job to do, but badgering Kanye West with dumb questions is going to result in a possible five-knuckle sandwich.

Hopefully, other members of the paparazzi will get the message, but we seriously doubt that this will stop them by harassing Kanye West in the future.