New school wins over the old in last week's R&B Sound Off when Jordin Sparks beat funk, dance veterans Earth, Wind & Fire. Sparks' bubbly 'Skipping a Beat' took 58.6 percent of the votes while Earth, Wind & Fire took 41.4 percent.

This single, off her upcoming album, celebrates her adoration and love for her boyfriend, Jason Derulo. The songstress describes him as “You’re my lover, you’re my friend, you’re my gangsta.”

“You make my heart skip like we’re playing hop-scotch / Hope I’m the one that you want to put the rock on,” Sparks delivers.

To counter Sparks' sweet attitude towards love, her opponent this week, Naya Rivera, brings a bit of sass to her own love song with 'Sorry.' Featuring her boo, Big Sean, the track expresses her feelings for her man while calling out his previous girlfriends for essentially not being the woman he needs and wants. With an up-tempo yet light beat, this is the first single off her forthcoming album.

“Sorry, I’m not sorry / ‘Cause I’ve been rolling round, shut it down, lady / Bagged him up, now he’s my baby / Sorry, I’m not sorry / Yeah, you had your fun now it’s done, crazy / Lookin’ at his number one lady, ” Rivera sings.

Will Jordin be able to keep her winning streak? Or will Naya's sassy ways take her down? Vote for your favorite song in the poll below. Remember you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tues., Aug. 20, at 10AM ET.

Listen to Jordin Sparks' 'Skipping a Beat'

Listen to Naya Rivera's 'Sorry' Feat. Big Sean

Rules of R&B Sound Off
Two R&B artists sound off against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next R&B Sound Off. If an artist wins four straight R&B Sound Offs, the song will be honored as immortal in R&B Sound Off Hall of Fame.

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