Politics can be confusing but Jon Stewart and the good folks at 'The Daily Show' have done an Eminem-esque rap to explain Michigan's much talked-about right-to-work initiative.

Rocking a black beanie, Jon Stewart starts rapping over Eminem's popular '8 Mile' track 'Lose Yourself.' “Knees weak, arms heavy, working all day in a factory building Chevys. Like the Volt. You plug it in. Then you win. Ecologically, because if it was an actual race, you would not, actually,” spits the host.

Last week, Michigan's Senate and House passed the right-to-work law which prohibits requiring workers to pay union dues. Republicans favor the law because they say it will attract businesses and provide workers with more choices while Democrats and union supporters see it as a way for unions to lose influence. Yesterday, President Obama blasted the right-to-work measures.

Watch Jon Stewart's Eminem-esque Rap at the 5-minute Mark