Jhene Aiko gives Tupac's classic 'Keep Ya Head Up' an R&B makeover.

The singer took on the song, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, for Rap Up TV.

In an interview, Aiko shared that her upcoming EP, 'Sail Out,' will feature both singing and rapping -- she has a rap alter ego named J. Hennessy. “I literally feel throughout the day I go through 12 different personalities in my head,” she said.

The Def Jam beauty described her evolved artistry. “She’s an aspiring rapper,” Aiko says of J. Hennessy. “She still sings, but she’s more aggressive. She likes to really talk a lot of s--- and talk about things that a lot of R&B singers don’t talk about.”

Watch the L.A. native give her own spin on the late rapper's classic track, which was featured on his 1993 LP, 'Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.'

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