Songs like 'Comfort Inn Ending (Cont'd)' are why Jhene Aiko's debut album 'Souled Out' is so highly anticipated. The songstress released the new, No I.D.-produced effort last night. It's the latest in her 'Comfort Inn' series.

As the keys steadily play and the guitar comes crashing down in key moments, Aiko delves into deep regrets about a false love. It's a narrative that describes a passion that decays into a sense of betrayal. Aiko's vocals sound sweet as ever, but she's being extremely blunt on the details.

"And I should've never took you on a boat on your birthday / And I should've never f--- you on a boat on your birthday / And I never would've came into your house in the first place / If I would've known you would've hurt me in the worst way," she sings.

Sadly, there still hasn't been a release date set for 'Souled Out' as of yet.

Listen to Jhene Aiko's 'Comfort Inn Ending (Cont’d)'

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