Norman Oosterbroek -- a bodyguard who served the likes of Jay Z and Drake -- was killed earlier this week after being tasered by Miami police.

According to the Miami Herald, on Monday night (Sept. 2), Oosterbroek was found naked in the midst of a violent altercation inside a neighbor's home while simultaneously ingesting unknown substances -- apparently thought to be drugs.

officers say they had to subdue the bodyguard with a taser because of his resistance to arrest. He was taken to Baptist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Oosterbroek was an expert in the security business. The Dutchman served as a bodyguard for Nelson Mandela and later founded RAD, an international security firm, in his homeland and opened a branch in New York City in 2006. Since then he's be photographed silently guarding multiple celebrities including Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

He is survived by his wife, April McDaniel, and his two children. Oosterbroek was 43.