When Janet Jackson announced that she was postponing her Unbreakable tour until the spring after being ordered by doctors to undergo surgery, fans were left worrying about the singer’s health. Well, it’s been revealed that Janet is undergoing test for throat cancer.

According to reports, doctors found a tumor on her vocal cords and it has to be taken care of immediately. There no official word on how serious this cancerous growth has become. There hasn’t been an official statement from Janet’s camp either.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, who is not Janet Jackson’s doctor, told Radar Online that if it is cancer of the larynx, Janet’s career could be over.

“That would abruptly end her ability to ever perform again,” he stated. “Singing would be impossible.”

Dr. Fischer added that treatment for throat cancer would be extremely aggressive and would require intense post-surgery care. “Surgery would be very complex, followed by months of radiation treatment,” he said.

Before we jump to any conclusions, we haven't heard from Janet, herself. So we don't know how serious this could be. Nevertheless, we want to send our healing prayers to the 49-year-old veteran songbird and wishes of good health in 2016.

While we wait for more information about Janet's health, there's a new lyrics video for the singer's latest single, "Black Eagle." The 6-minute-long clip is a tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the young men and women who lost their lives from police brutality. Watch Janet's powerful visual below.

Watch Janet Jackson's "Black Eagle" Lyrics Video

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