This month is cause for celebration for Janet Jackson. Not only did she ring in her 47th birthday on May 16, but two days later on May 18, her fifth album, 'janet.' turned 20. She reflects on the iconic project and talks about what she thinks of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Poetic Justice’ in a new interview with Billboard.

Many tracks on the project were overtly sexual compared to her previous albums and when asked on what made her change her lyrical sound, she simply told Billboard, “I write about my experiences or things that touch me deeply. I was really beginning to get in tune with my sexual self.”

For the ‘If’ video, Janet explains how it was ahead of its time visually. “I don’t think people really realize what we were showing in that video that wasn’t available with technology then,” she stated. “The video featured futuristic technology, specifically high definition touch screens. I wanted the actors in the video to use these screens to communicate, and relate with each other in the clubs. Similar to what we all do with our smart phones and tablets today.”

Many songs from the album are currently being sampled in many of current artists’ music today. Kendrick Lamar sampled ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ in his track ‘Poetic Justice.’ Janet is a fan of what he did with her song. “I have listened to the music that is out there and I love Kendrick’s 'Poetic Justice,'" she revealed.

Even though there have been rumors she has retired from the music industry, she confirms she's in the studio cooking up new material. “I am working on a new project now," Janet disclosed. "We are creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music. I am excited about the direction we are taking.”

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