Like the title of his single suggests, French Montana ain't worried about nothing, especially what other people's perception of him is. If he did, it would start to effect what he does, and that's something he doesn't want.

He has one guiding principle when he writes lyrics and it's one that most writers -- be it authors, poets or rappers -- follow. He writes what he knows and writes what he feels, and that's the quality that will connect to his fans and help him corral new ones, since, as he says, he doesn't have to take a mask off.

"I wake up feeling f---ed up, I'll make a f---ed up song," the rapper, who will drop 'Excuse My French' on May 21, admitted in a chat with Xclusives Zone. "I will go through one thing that somebody else will go through and just be like, yo, my fans will grow to love me, [since they'll think], 'He's going through what I'm going through.' I feel like that's how you get the core audience."

He doesn't need to fake it or take poetic license to come up with something creative. He mines his own life as source material, and he isn't arguing with the results, saying, "It's my life. I'm not perpetrating. I'm not saying s--- to sound good. I found a way to make my life and my music and people love it...I'm going to have longevity because I don't take a mask off. It's just me."

He also doesn't sugarcoat the fact that he isn't "trying to get lyrical," either. He said, "It's not a secret. I just make music. I love the feeling."

As for his dream collabos, dead or alive? "Probably Tupac," he said. "I was just a fan, growing up. It's because I'm a bad boy, man. I love Tupac. I love Big, too, but I was more of a Pac fan."