We are only a few days away before the release of French Montana's debut album, 'Excuse My French.' On the deluxe edition, there's two bonus tracks, one of which is called '40' featuring Fabolous and Trey Songz.

The song, which boasts a head-nodding beat, stirring hi-hats and haunting synths, features the rap trifecta boasting about getting money and living life to the fullest.

"Money ain't everything, n---- it's the only thing / I pop bottles like I got 40 rings, 40 cars, 40 chains, 40 bitches / I got 40 names," raps French on the chorus.

Meanwhile, Songz sings a few lines before rapping a few throwaway bars of his own. "Pimp game strong / Cold as Ice / Dolemite / Sho you right," he rhymes.

But Fab has the standout verse on the song as he spits witty punchlines about hustling and solidarity for his get-money hustlers.

"We campaigning like we running for prez," he raps. "Still watching out for JC and Torez / New York Undercovers, amongst the others / The family be / A couple hundred of us / Got a hundred brothers, also known as the Jacksons / Got a hundred sisters, also known as the Braxtons."

Ballin' and brotherhood, now say that 40 times.

French Montana's debut album, 'Excuse My French,' hits stores Tuesday (May 21).

Listen to French Montana's '40' Feat. Fabolous & Trey Songz