Omarion is the Maybach Music Group's resident singer and dancer. Definitely, don't forget the latter. The ex-B2K member used his former skill on the latest MMG single, 'Know You Better.' This isn't a solo effort as he enlists rap veterans Fabolous and Pusha T to help add extra dimensions to the song's sensual goals.

Pusha T's mentality hasn't strayed too far from what he displayed on 2010's 'Runaway.' For him, being wined and dined is a pretty solid incentive to stay. Love is still a barter economy: "Jet ski, parasol, yacht as big as my ego / I'm cold as ever / But I could show you better / If we're going to grow together / I gotta get to know you better."

Fabolous, who's also known for relationship jams like 'Throw It in the Bag' and 'Into You,' glides through his closing verse. He raps about the ridiculousness of certain regrets: "Did you f--- first night and spend the next day contemplating? / Did you focus giving head baby / Were you concentrating?"

Omarion holds it all together on the hook over a mixture of 808s and moody, lush synths.

'Know You Better' will appear on the MMG compilation, 'Self Made, Vol. 3,' due out on Sept. 17.

Listen to Omarion's 'Know You Better' Feat. Fabolous & Pusha T

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