Foxy Brown has always been a hip-hop favorite. Even though she's had her share of hiatuses, we've never forgotten about the Brooklyn emcee. When Fox Boogie debuted at age 16, she and Lil' Kim were head-to-head image-wise and the competition between the two was fierce. Both could rhyme (or had better ghostwritten rhymes, depending on who you ask), and both were pretty girls with very risque wardrobes. But at that time, Foxy was in better shape physically.

In 2012, Nicki Minaj paid homage to the rapper she says she was most directly inspired by and Foxy took the stage in an ill-fitting lace bodysuit that left many saying that she'd definitely seen better days. But who are we kidding? It was dope just to see the Brown Fox rock a mic for the first time in a long time.