Foxy Brown

Rapper in Tears
It's safe to say that Foxy Brown has been dealing with plenty of stress lately and it's taking its toll on her. The Brooklyn MC broke into tears on MTV's 'RapFix' as she shared her frustration with the media while speaking to host Sway Calloway.
63: Foxy Brown – Powerful Women of 2013
Not to be confused with the 1974 film icon, Foxy Brown has been bringing her no-holds-barred attitude and sharp rhymes since her debut in 1996. After signing with Def Jam Records, she released 'Ill Na Na,' which not only received raving reviews but also broke the top 10 on the Billboard 20…
Foxy Brown – Beauties in Bikini
Foxy Brown has had her share of drama through the years, thanks to her jail stints and famous temper, but she held true to her name in this Chloe bikini as part of a XXL magazine spread.
She is as foxy as it gets.
The top barely covers her twins, and she's busting out of it, since it's clear…
Falls Onstage
After years of being away from the spotlight, it's not surprising that Foxy Brown was more than excited to get back on the stage to perform. Perhaps the rapper was a little too excited, which caused her to take a spill during a show for Gay Pride Week in New York City over the weekend.
Top Foxy Brown Songs
Brooklyn had never seen an emcee quite like Foxy Brown before her 1996 debut. She was a rough and tumbling, sex and money-driven 16-year-old girl who'd already made her mark on a legend's remixed track.
The most obvious comparisons came quickly...
Foxy Brown – Crazy Stage Outfits
Foxy Brown has always been a hip-hop favorite. Even though she's had her share of hiatuses, we've never forgotten about the Brooklyn emcee. When Fox Boogie debuted at age 16, she and Lil' Kim were head-to-head image-wise and the competition between the two was fierce...