Eve goes back to school in her 'Make It Out This Town' video…sort of.

With an assist from Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta, the super glam Philly rapper -- boasting extra-long and stick straight hair, fancy nails and plenty of bling -- is bangin' and dropping her rhymes, which also flash on screen in bold, block letters, further hammering the point of what she is saying home.

The footage of Eve and Saporta, who boast a playful onscreen chemistry, is paired with several narrative vignettes. There's an interracial high school couple trying to enjoy and navigate their romance, or so she thinks. Her classmates play a pretty cruel trick on her, but no spoilers here. You need to watch the vid to see what happens.

Other teens are featured, dealing with the challenges they face, like bullying in this digital day and age, when nothing seems to remain private.

For her part, Eve looks relaxed and gorgeous, as if she is beyond stoked to be sharing her music with fans again.

The track is the first single from Eve's anticipated new album 'Lip Lock,' out May 14. It's her first platter after a decade-long absence, and a welcome return at that.

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