Eminem is busy crafting his eighth studio album, so new tracks are definitely on the horizon. While fans wait for the highly anticipated project to debut, they can be satisfied with an old Slim Shady favorite in the meantime.

'Without Me,' a song appearing on the Detroit native's 2002 LP, 'The Eminem Show,' is the featured track in the trailer for the upcoming animated flick 'Despicable Me 2.' In the clip, former villain Gru tucks his girls into bed and heads out the door. He bumps into Lucy Wilde, an Anti-Villain League agent who hits him with a lipstick taser, all to the tune of Em's song.

She stuffs Gru's body into the trunk of her car and his yellow Minions witness the mess. "Now this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me / 'Cause we need a little controversy 'cause it feels so empty without me," Em raps as the Minions jump on the baby blue whip in an attempt to save their boss.

Watch the hilarity ensue above. 'Despicable Me 2' arrives in theaters July 3.