Elle Varner graces the digital cover of VIBE Vixen's December 2012/January 2013 issue. The R&B songbird talks with the magazine about her forthcoming second album, celebrity life and dating.

In 2012, Varner was in control with her fantastic debut album, 'Perfectly Imperfect.' The collection spawned a few top 10 hits, including 'I Don't Care' and 'Refill,' which garnered her a 2013 Grammy nomination for Best R&B song. Now the 23-year-old singer is in the early stages of writing and recording her second album, which she says will be more "evolved."

Now that she's a celebrity, Varner is slowly getting comfortable with her newfound fame. "It's nuts," she quips. "I feel, honestly, that you have to constantly remind yourself that you are just like everyone else because everyone is treating you like you’re not."

"People are making you their savior, their role model, their idol," she continues. "People actually love you, and it’s crazy. They’re like, ‘Don’t change’ [laughs] but you have to in a way. There’s no way not to. But you still want to keep the part of you that is pure."

The songstress is also warming up to dating -- a challenge for her. "I have to look at everybody and say, 'Why are you here?' It’s kind of messed up, but it’s true," she reveals. We don't think any of her dating prospects would mind being questioned about their intentions.

We must also mention that Varner is fabulously perfect in her Vixen photo spread. She wears a cute embroidered black-and-grey dress with gold accessories and purple lipstick. You go girl!

You can read the entire VIBE Vixen interview here.

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