Earl Sweatshirt may be known for being one of the crazy Odd Future kids, but his new lady love is helping him tone it down.

The 19-year-old Cali native speaks to GQ about his new LP, 'Doris,' and reveals how his girlfriend has him on the straight and narrow path.

"We've got the [Odd Future] store, and we're trying to make this vacation s--- we do a yearly thing," Earl says. "We went to Hawaii last year... I was shrooming for like three days ... But I've got a girlfriend now. I can't do that s--- around my girlfriend. Oh, man."

He adds that the woman is also softening his hard exterior. "I'm not an asshole anymore, either. She's making me f---ing soft," he admits. "It's like we're married, dude. I smoke weed like a f---ing scared dad [He takes a few hasty puffs of an imaginary joint, his eyes darting back and forth]. I'm like, 'Keep that outside!' And she's not even pressing me. I'm just paranoid."

The rapper even shares that he often has to keep his girlfriend at bay during the recording process to stay edgy. "Yeah. See, when I start recording new s--- then I've got to like stall her out for a second. Because she makes me too happy. S--- won't work out," Earl states.

'Doris,' out today, features lauded songs like the RZA-assisted 'Molasses,' 'Burgundy' and 'Chum.'

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