Drake's hit, 'Hold On We're Going Home,' has been said to carry that airy, '80s R&B vibe. The rapper does take it back to the '80s in the video -- 1985 Miami to be exact -- but it doesn't exactly feature a love-on-Miami-Beach-type scenario. Have you ever pictured Drake with a machine gun?

We're not sure exactly what Drake and his crew (which features A$AP Rocky) are celebrating, but they're in good spirits in a Miami club after a recent come-up. This is a presumably illegal endeavor because elsewhere, Fredo Santana (yes, the Chief Keef affiliate) kidnaps Drake's girl. Then there's the evil mastermind, played by Steve Bauer, famous for his role as Manolo in 'Scarface.' The song then starts and the ride begins.

What follows next is an action-packed flick reminiscent of a Michael Mann project. Drake's group grabs machine guns and head to the courtyard where a shootout begins. Even the emotional rapper catches a few bodies.

The visual comes to a close when Drake shoots his lady love's would-be assaulter and comforts her by giving her his jacket. As great as the video is, it wouldn't feel right without that kind of sensitive Drake moment.

His new album, ‘Nothing Was the Same,‘ is out. 'Hold On We're Going Home' is No. 9 on the Billboard charts and Drake is still winning.