Despite Nicki Minaj turning down DJ Khaled's marriage proposal, she appears on the Miami hitmaker's new joint, 'I Wanna Be With You.' Awkward. The trap-rap ballad also features Future and Rick Ross.

The Lee on the Beats-produced banger features Minaj and Rick Ross spitting their undying love for money and the streets. Meanwhile, Future warbles the hook using Auto-Tune.

Queen Barbz kicks off the track reminding haters who's the baddest chick.

"Baddest bitch, I'm the catalyst / Ain't never been done, bitch I added this / I ain't got to shoot, I got mad assists / 'bout to put a couple pieces on the mannequin / Got a big billboard out in Madison at the Trump / And you bitches are at the Radisson," she boasts.

Rozay adds to the conversation as he rhymes about ballin' and being a boss.

"White tee and these rope chains, blow the roof back -- Kurt Cobain / Phantom cost like four dolla, flo' seats, h--s holla / Underground with this pimp s--- so smoke one for Port Arthur," he raps.

Although Khaled will never have the opportunity to marry Nick Minaj, he can still unify artists on a collaborative hit for the streets.

Listen to DJ Khaled's 'I Wanna Be With You' Feat. Nicki Minaj, Future & Rick Ross