When it comes to cash, Diddy is king. The rap mogul topped Forbes' list of the Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists. Following behind the Diddster is Jay-Z at No. 2 and Dr. Dre at No. 3.

Let's break it down for you. According to the business magazine, Diddy is estimated to be worth $580 million. Much of the New York native's fortune is tied up in non-music ventures, including his work with Ciroc vodka, which nets him an eight-figure salary plus a nine-figure windfall if the liquor brand is ever sold. Take that...take that...take that.

Jay-Z is next with a net worth of $475 million. Again, like Diddy, much of Hov's wealth revolves around non-music ventures. His selling of Rocawear in 2007, for $204 million and his $150 million partnership with Live Nation in 2008, is still holding him down. In addition, Jay-Z holds stakes in Roc Nation, Carol’s Daughter, the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, along with partnership deals with Duracell and Bacardi’s D’ussé Cognac.

Dr. Dre completes the trifecta with a $350 million net worth, thanks solely to his ubiquitous headphones Beats by Dre. The audio accessory is eating up 65 percent of the market share in sales of premium headphones ($99 and up). Dre is still keeping those heads ringing.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Bryan "Birdman" Williams, whose net worth is at $150 million thanks to his Cash Money/Young Money empire, while 50 Cent completes the list with $125 million. Despite not dropping an album in almost four years, the New York rhymer is flipping various non-music ventures to earn his cheddar. Along with dabbling in books and video games, Fiddy's SK Energy drink is one of the leading energy beverages in the market.

Fifty believes that Forbes' accounting might be a little off. When asked how much he's really worth, he replied, “Oh, you want me to tell you an exact number? I’ve got way more.”

There you have it, get rich or… keep getting richer.

The Forbes Five for 2013

1. Diddy -- $580 million
2. Jay-Z -- $475 million
3. Dr. Dre -- $350 million
4. Birdman -- $150 million
5. 50 Cent -- $125 million

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