Dr. Dre has been hit with a lawsuit by a former maid who claims that she was treated unfairly and abused by other housekeepers at his mansion.

According to New York Daily News, Raquel Sagustume filed court papers early this week in Los Angeles alleging that she was harassed and bullied by other employees working at the house during her 13-month stint on the job. She was fired back in February.

Sagustume, who was paid $1,870 per week as a housekeeper, claims that two female staff members were so threatened by her high skill level that they allegedly delegated work to her that would cause her physical pain and injury. The maid claims that she suffered “burning pains” in her neck, arms and back from such labor.

She also alleges that she was severely bullied on the job. So much so, that at one point she had trouble breathing and ended up in the hospital. It was then that Sagustume was fired while in the hospital recuperating from her panic attack.

Sagustume accuses Dr. Dre (real name Andre Young) and his wife, Nicole Young, for creating a hostile work environment and claims that she wasn’t paid properly for overtime, earned vacation and missed meals. She is seeking punitive damages for her stress, depression and anxiety that she suffered while working for the Youngs.

Attorneys for Dr. Dre had no comment on the matter.

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