This is getting to be exhausting. On, off. On, off. Who can keep track of the Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship scorecard? The pair is reportedly O-V-E-R…again. But we're not going to get used to it, since sources are saying the twosome split on the regular, only to reunite -- or "Ri-unite" -- with the same frequency.

E! reports that a source confirmed the split, saying that RiRi will always love Breezy, but that she has changed her focus from romance to her career and her business ventures, such as her slowly-building fashion empire. Remember, when she and Brown "came out" with their renewed relationship in 2012, she was shifting gears from her red-hot career to romance, which was redder and hotter.

Ri is said to be laser-like in her focus on the remainder of her Diamonds tour and that she is coming up with new ideas and concepts for future shows. She is launching another perfume, too. So there isn't another man coming between the two…just her ambition.

Further complicating the mix is the fact that Brown was photographed clasping hands with a blonde on Saturday (April 6). The female in question, named Keisha Kimball, said that she is merely a waitress at Playhouse, one of his fave hot spots, and he was handing her a bottle. She claims to be friends with his friends and is now guilty by association. The bottle waitress affirmed that there is no romance because she admittedly does not date black guys.

Kimball said, "Whatever is going on between Rihanna and Chris Brown is between them. I’m not trying to be a homewrecker."

Before you start picking a side -- Team Breezy or Team RiRi -- let this one simmer and see what happens. They'll probably be back together and restoring order to the ChRihanna universe before you know it.