Rihanna's Anti album was probably one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2015. But with the year coming to a close, we may have to wait until 2016 to hear new music from RiRi. Although her Navy (aka "her fans") have been anxiously waiting, songwriter Glass John, who wrote "Kiss It Better," blames one person for the album delays.

In what has been like a weekend-long (and still ongoing) rant on Twitter, John blames rapper Travis Scott, who reportedly produced most of the tracks on the LP, and his supposed influence on Roc Nation, for holding up the release of Anti.

"I'm fighting to get "Kiss It Better" to the world..." But Travis Scott has been delaying it," he tweeted, who also refer to Rihanna as his "wife."

He then added, "ME AND MY WIFE WENT IN THE STUDIO W/ CLASSIC HIT MAKER @JEFFBHASKER TO CREATW A CLASSIC ANTHEM. And f---ing Travis prevented it from being her first $ingle and launching her album last year."

John claims that "Kiss It Better," which Rihanna teased earlier this year, was supposed to be the album's lead single.

Billboard reportedly reached out to reps for both Rihanna and Roc Nation for a comment but didn't hear back. And since John's rant has continued on to Monday (Dec. 28), his team has taken over his Twitter account.

You can see (and get involved in) the whole conversation here or read some of the highlights below.

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