After Chris Brown responded to allegations that he punched a woman in Las Vegas over the weekend, both his manager, Mike G and the victim, Liziane Guiterrez, have responded on their own about the alleged incident over the weekend.

According to the Las Vegas police, Brown allegedly hit Lizianne and stole her phone after she tried to take a photo with him at the Palms Resort Casino in Sin City. The case is still under investigation.

Since the incident, Chris Brown quickly got on camera to explain his side of the story and innocence.

“Obviously somebody is looking to get a check or start some s—,” he said. “I don’t know this old-looking bitch. She looks old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video. Like, she came to Vegas. She probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in.”

Liziane has since responded to the singer's video and says that she was invited to Breezy's party and points out who's the one with the shadier past. "If you want to talk about the past," Liziane said in the clip above, "who do you think has the worst past here? Me or you?"

Brown's manager, Mike G, also added his two cents in the mix by posting a message on his Instagram account about the alleged incident. "Shame on the networks that gave this story life and this liar her 15 minutes,” he captioned the post, which you can read in its entirety below.

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