Neither Chris Brown nor Drake are willing to let bygones be bygones in regard to their 2012 club brawl.

According to TMZ, both artists have filed lawsuits against each other for the fallout from the now-infamous fight they had at New York City nightspot W.I.P. in June 2012.

One would think the two would be more than willing to put the worst behind them but neither artist wants to take responsibility for the drama and drop a lump sum of money on a party-goer who was injured in the fight.

French model Romain Julien filed a suit against Brown, Drake and the club, but instead of taking the loss and cutting the check -- if and when Julien wins his suit -- Breezy and Drizzy have each decided to try and pass the buck to the other.

Hopefully, this ongoing drama will encourage more artists to keep their hands to themselves, especially when the core of the animosity allegedly stems from a pretty young starlet -- Rihanna -- who was very single at the time of the fight.

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