Ladies You Love
Guys who are in committed relationships are members of a special club. Unlike single guys, they can't approach women for phone numbers or ask them out on dates, nor can they converse with them in that I'm-attracted-to-you kind of way. Of course there are guys who cheat and still act like they're sin…
New Video
R&B vixen Cassie shows off her curvaceous body in the new video for 'I Know What You Want.' The song is from her latest mixtape, 'RockaBye Baby.'
Blue Hair
The insanity from Drake's OVO Fest prompted a wide range of Instagram videos and photos this week. Quite a few of them offered a glimpse of some of the artists hanging out together. One of the images came from singer Cassie's account, and it features her with a bold, new hair color.
Cassie – Beauties in Bikinis
Cassie has wasted no time establishing herself as a sultry sexpot, especially with her antics in the video for 'The Boys' with Nicki Minaj.
Again, this particular swimsuit is not a bikini, but it's still an utterly sexy one-piece, cut high on the leg and low on the bodice, so you get a…
71: Cassie – Powerful Women of 2013
Cassie's 'Me & U,' which released in 2005, was our first introduction to the R&B singer and model. Peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, the track stayed on that chart for five months and went platinum in December 2006.
With Ryan Leslie by her side as a songwriter, she was signed to Next…
Sexy Spread
It's a four-alarm fire inside the pages of Esquire magazine and singer Cassie is the accelerant, as she poses seductively for a photo spread. The girl is hotter than lava, and she isn't afraid to show off her fit figure. (Who wouldn't when looking this fly?) She's smokin&apo…
Sneak Peek
Cassie is still rolling out videos to accompanying music from her latest mixtape, 'Rockabyebaby.' Recently, the R&B cutie filmed a video for her next single, 'I Love It' featuring Fabolous.
Mixtape Review
Cassie hasn't released a proper full-length recording since her 2006 self-titled debut album. Last year, the R&B siren made noise with her guest appearance on Nicki Minaj's single 'The Boys.'
After a seven-year absence, the 26-year-old artist is back and puts the naysayers…

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