Rapper Cassidy wants you to strap it up in his new PSA video for 'Condom Style,' a flip on PSY's ubiquitous 2012 song 'Gangnam Style.'

As hilarious as the video is (or career suicide, depending on your viewpoint), the Philadelphia rhyme-spitter is sending a very important message: say no to unprotected sex and always use a condom.

In the video, we see Cass rapping on top of a truck with his helpers passing out hundreds of condoms like candy. Elsewhere, he raps in front of a billboard promoting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's website, useacondom.com.

Thankfully, the 'I'm a Hustler' rapper doesn't do PSY's galloping dance move in the clip but he does do a creepy pelvic-thrusting move while rapping, "Stroke 'em condom style."

Whether you find this video laughable or informative, the message is very clear: wrap it up before you stroke it up.

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