The NFL scored a major touchdown by selecting Bruno Mars as their halftime entertainment for the 2014 Super Bowl in February. However, some fans from the Garden State are not happy that the singer was chosen to perform at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., where the football game takes place.

Several fans have voiced their displeasure on Twitter and asked why the NFL didn't select a hometown act to perform like rock icons Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi or both? As spotted by, some would rather see Bruce or even Jay Z headline the halftime show.

One person sarcastically tweeted, "Hawaiian singer Bruno Mars will do the Super Bowl halftime show. It's in New Jersey. Too bad there aren't any musicians from that state." Another tweeted, "Bruno Mars?! You're in Jersey. Haven't you heard of Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen? Even Billy Joel or JayZ!!!"

Historically, the NFL never picks their performers based on regional location of the Super Bowl. However, they did break that trend when Beyonce performed at this year's Super Bowl XLVIII, which took place in her hometown of Houston.

Here's the deal: Who's to say that Bruno Mars might not create a special New Jersey-themed halftime show. The Grammy award-winning singer-guitarist is a versatile performer who has worked with artists in the rock, pop, hip-hop and country genres. He is well-respected and well-liked by all his peers.

So, we might see the 'Locked Out of Heaven' crooner perform a medley with Bon Jovi and then switch it up and let Jersey rap icons Naughty By Nature and Redman rock the mic. It could happen.

In the end, let's give Bruno Mars a chance. No matter how it goes down on Feb. 2, you are almost guaranteed an entertaining show.

What do you think? Did the NFL make a wise decision in tapping Bruno Mars for their Super Bowl halftime show? Tell us in the comments below.