Bridget Kelly secured a prized verse from MTV's "Hottest MC in the Game" honoree Kendrick Lamar for her infectious new single, 'Street Dreamin'.' The song will appear on Funkmaster Flex's mixtape, 'Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself?'

Over a sample of Tupac Shakur's 'Got My Mind Made Up' and the 'Substitution' beat, K.Dot spits about being a narcoleptic dreaming heavenly visions of his Compton neighborhood. "Gold towel under my feet / Clicking the flute / With a thousand troops / Cripping Piru, n----, whoop, whoop," he raps. "So listen homie, you missed me with the bulls--- / I'm on a much higher pulpit."

Meanwhile, BK, with her jazzy vocals, sings about never waking up from her perfect dream. "I will not forget / Fixating upon a face I've never met / Explaining all the reasons as I slept / So beautiful in here I wish I never left / And I never knew it was a lie," she sings.

After Kelly's collaboration with Meek Mill on 'In the Morning,' it's appears that the New York native is bringing a hip-hop soul vibe with her music and we are not mad at that. There's still no word on when her debut album on Roc Nation will eventually hit stores.

But if this is the musical direction Kelly is bringing, we can't wait to hear more from this soulful songbird!

Listen to Bridget Kelly's 'Street Dreamin' Feat. Kendrick Lamar

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