The ladies of the hip-hop and R&B genres have always been on point -- literally -- when it comes to nail trends.

In the past year or so, nail art has become more and more outrageous, from the length -- where nails resemble daggers or stilettos -- to the shape -- where icepick-like points are not uncommon -- to the designs -- which are miniature works of art. Forget the acrylics of old. Artists like Ciara, Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj have gone all out and rocked seriously insane nail art in recent months.

Whether it's a picture of their loved ones, a matchy-matchy mani that mimics the pattern and fabric of their outfits or an edgy, modern and adorned update on a classic style, outrageous nail art is here to stay.

Manicurists are pushing the limits of how much can be done on the tiny canvas, but these nail techs are perfecting ways to tell a story on a nail bed. It's intricate and it causes people to "Ooh" and "ahh!" They should be called "nail engineers" because that's just what they are!

Check out's list of some of the most outrageous nail art to scratch and claw its way onto celebrity fingers in recent months.

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