B.o.B. has a knack for pulling off the unexpected. While at the BET Hip Hop Awards Saturday (Sept. 28), the rapper gives some insight on the unprecedented success of the 2012 mixtape cut 'Still in This,' off 'F--- 'Em We Ball.' He also assures TheDrop.fm that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve coinciding with the upcoming release of his third studio LP, 'Underground Luxury,' slated to arrive in December.

"['Still In This'] wasn't expected to become as big as it was," he says with a grin, gold fronts gleaming. "It was a mixtape record but when it came out on the mixtape, that thang snapped! Oh, there’ll be plenty of that on 'Underground Luxury.'"

As for Bobby Ray's most exciting experience of 2013 thus far, he notes going on tour with a couple of friends. "I went on tour with A$AP [Rocky] and Wiz [Khalifa] and I think that was dope -- for the fashion heads and the smokers," he shares.

"That whole process was crazy," he adds. "But recording my album was a process for me too -- it was an amazing experience. Especially when I went on tour and performed ‘Headband’ and the girls got onstage and twerked. Even though some girls couldn’t really twerk that well... It was definitely an experience."

The Grand Hustle entertainer is looking forward to the release of 'Underground Luxury.' Though visibly excited, he reveals only a couple details about the LP. "I can’t say for legal reasons," he admits, laughing. "But it’s phenomenal and it’s gonna be the album of the year. And I’m doing most of the production."

'Underground Luxury' is due later this year.

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