Big Sean is feeling pretty good about his rapping skills. During a listening session in New York City earlier this week for his forthcoming 'Hall of Fame' album, the Detroit rapper revealed that he will out-rap anyone, even Jay Z or Drake.

"I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie. Or Jay Z. Or whoever," Sean laughed, "'cause that's what I believe in."

He explained how he's often overlooked as a great lyricist. "Sometimes people don't consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers because Big Sean has only put out one album,” he revealed. “So what I was saying was going into this album, I had the mind state of thinking, ‘Man alright, I've been on basically songs with everybody who I really respect man in the rap game, from Jay Z to Kanye to the newcomers, the new guys. And I always stand on my own.'"

After his lyrics were laid down on a track, the veterans heard his work and were willing to collaborate -- which doesn't always happen for other artists. "I always stand out and you can never say I've never done a feature where someone's out-rapped me on and it's crazy because a lot of those songs, I would submit my verse first and then people like Kanye or Jay Z or whoever will get it," he continued. "And it just goes to show you that I'm here for a reason.”

'Hall of Fame,' featuring songs like 'Fire,' arrives Aug. 27.