It all started with a blog post. After previewing his highly-anticipated album, 'Channel Orange,' for several journalists and music bloggers, one in particular drew on Frank Ocean's use of the word "he" instead of "she" in the songs like 'Bad Religion,' 'Pink Matter' and 'Forrest Gump.' The claim caused rumors to stir that the Odd Future singer was bisexual. Ocean's subsequent actions brought everything to a tipping point. In brave fashion, he penned an open letter on his tumblr page, where he discussed an intimate relationship he had with a man. The words were initially to be featured on his album credits. In the letter, Ocean did not categorize himself as gay, homosexual or heterosexual, but rather confirmed he experienced heartbreak from his first love, who was a man. The 25-year-old brought order to the chaos and many commended him for sharing his story. From this, a cloud of curiosity grew around the singer and fueled anticipation for 'Channel Orange' even further.