Beastie Boy Adam Yauch aka MCA passed away last May after a battle with cancer. The surviving members of the lauded rap group -- Adam Horovitz aka Ad-Rock and Michael Diamond aka Mike D -- will pen a memoir about the band's rise to fame, from their rap music dominance in the '80s and '90s to their extended cultural influence. 

There is no title for the book at the present time, but it is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

It won't be a straight up memoir that simply tells the Beastie's side of the story. Instead, it will be a "multidimensional experience" combined with a strong visual element, nixing the traditional narrative structure in favor of a "pastiche of voices, images, irreverent humor and pop-culture reference points."

Would you expect anything less from the Beasties? That's exactly how they approach music. Why would they change their approach in a different medium?

A spokesperson from the publisher Spiegel & Grau said that the group is "interested in challenging the form and making the book a multidimensional experience. There is a kaleidoscopic frame of reference, and it asks a reader to keep up."

So it's not going to be a straight or simple read, which certainly sparks our interest!

The group's agent even said that a standard memoir is the last thing that the Boys wanted to do, which is to be expected, since they've been turning the hip-hop world and beyond in its ear for years. The agent said, "The first words out of Mike's mouth were, 'I don’t want to do a straight memoir.'"

Journalist Sacha Jenkins will edit the book.

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