A New York woman found a unique way to tell her boss to take the job and shove it -- and she used Kanye West to do it!

After working two years making weird news-aggregating videos for Taiwanese animator Next Media Animation, Marina Shifrin filmed a video announcing her resignation. She uses Yeezy's 'Gone' from his 2005 album, 'Late Registration,' as the soundtrack to her farewell visual.

In the clip, Shifrin dances and shimmies around her office alone at 4AM and explains why she's leaving her plush gig. Apparently, her boss "only cares about quantity and the views each video gets," which has left her uninspired and bored at the office.

It's quite endearing as Shifrin performs such dance moves as the bop, the running man, the cabbage patch and some leg kick thingy.

The video went viral immediately -- it's currently at more than 9.8 million views so far. It also inspired other people to upload their own "I Quit" videos.

However, Next Media wasn't going to let Shifrin get all the viral shine.

The company posted its own video response, copying the same format and using West's song as well.

Oh, by the way, the company is hiring -- their e-mail address is in the video below.

Hey, at the least, Shifrin didn't quit to Yeezy's 'Black Skinhead.' Now that would really be awkward.

Watch Bosses at Next Media Animation Respond to Marina's Shifrin's 'I Quit' Video