Mary J. Blige

55: Mary J. Blige – Powerful Women of 2013
Taken under Diddy's wings, Mary J. Blige's debut album, 'What's the 411?,' was released in 1992, and set a new precedent for the female R&B singer's image with a more rough-around-the-edges look.
Despite the change to the R&B aesthetic, Blige impacted the…
Mary J. Blige, ‘My Life’ – Legendary Albums of the 1990s
When Mary J. Blige dropped her second LP, 'My Life,' in 1994, she showed the same sensibilities found on her debut, 'What's the 411?' The singer continued to spearhead an entirely new subgenre -- Hip-Hop Soul. It's uncertain whether or not that's what she intended to do but 'My Life' definitely set …

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