Best R&B Fan Art
From gifts to showing up at every concert, fans show devotion to their favorite artists in various ways. And some actually find so much inspiration in their favorite R&B singer that they take their creativity to paper or computer screen and come out with a work of art.
Chris Brown Shoots Tribute Video for Aaliyah in Compton
Chris Brown and Drake now have something in common other than dating Rihanna. The 24-year-old singer was in Compton, Calif., holding toddlers and chilling on rooftops with a group of shirtless men who surrounded him as he filmed a tribute video for the late singer Aaliyah.
Aaliyah – Artists Who Surprisingly Haven’t Won a Grammy
With three albums under her belt and 8.1 million sales in the U.S., Aaliyah was bound to be up for a Grammy at some point during her 10-year career. And she did.
Gaining five nominations including a double nod in the Best R&B Female Performance category for 'More Than a Woman' and &…

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