After much delay, Chris Brown releases the video for his new single, 'Don't Think They Know.' The song also features previously-unreleased vocals from the late songbird Aaliyah.

The black-and-white visual, directed by Brown, begins with a statistic on gun violence that reads, "Every two hours in America today a child dies of a gunshot wound."

We then see Breezy walking and hanging out in Compton, Calif., with members of the community highlighted in red and blue colors to emphasize the Bloods and the Crips gangs. The Grammy-winning crooner urges communities to come together in a show of unity, so the violence can end.

Brown also shares several moments with a holographic image of Aaliyah, who is singing the chorus, as he dances in the name of her spirit.

The video ends on a touching note: "Dear Aaliyah, We love you and miss you. Thank you for inspiring us all."